Why LED Headlights?

Traditional headlights have what are called halogen bulbs and they are getting less popular like Blackberry and Myspace. Automakers are making the switch to LEDs on production cars, but there are still plenty of traditional headlights on the road. Compared to halogen bulbs, LED headlights are brighter, last longer and use less energy. But, for most consumers, the biggest draw is that they look much better than traditional bulbs.

Why use a Lightbar?

We believe the number one reason to use a lightbar is SAFETY. Light bars can illuminate an area so much more effectively than any other form of auto lighting due to the spread and brightness of the bulbs. It helps to improve drivers' vision on the road to prevent accidents. It's also meant for people who often venture from the normal beaten path, it’s important to ensure that your vehicle can be seen in the darkness. A light bar really guarantees you can be seen even from a great distance.

  • Vehicle Headlights

    We stock ODX led headlights. The INTENSE LED bulb is the most powerful and is comparable to 12000 lumens per pair. The Compak Series is the smallest high-performance LED meant for tight spaces. The ODX E-Bryd LED Package is the most versatile and smart LED which can be installed in every location (low beam, high beam, fog light). It is comparable to 6000 lumens a pair.

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  • Vehicle Fog Lights

    Enhance your visibility through any type of weather with the ODX Mïst series, equipped with the ODX SBT Technology. Use the wireless RF controller to switch between 6500k and 3000k. 6500k is mainly used in clear and dry conditions, whereas 3000k will improve your visibility during high fog, rain or snowstorms. The 3000k light beam is capable of piercing through bad visibility situations.

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  • Vehicle Lightbars

    We carry two of the best brands in the lightbar category in Heise and Vision X. Heise, by Metra Electronics, are exclusively engineered and manufactured to meet all international standards. Vision X Lighting’s products have consistently astounded customers with their lighting’s ability to perform in harsh environments and unbeatable light output.

  • Vehicle Mini LED

    We have bulbs for vehicle interior, signal lights, trunk lights, etc. We carry the ODX Dynamite series. There are two types of bulb intensity, single filament and double filament. A single filament bulb is usually used for position lights or reversing lights. However, it may
    also be used as a single-function turn signal bulb. The second type of bulb, with two filaments, is more commonly used as position/brake/position/turn signal lights.

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