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What is a Coaxial Speaker?

A coaxial speaker consists of a tweeter, woofer, and a crossover all built into one chassis. It is more affordable compared to other speaker types. There are two types of coaxial speakers: 2-way and 3-way coaxial speakers.

What is a Component Speaker?

A component speaker is mostly consists of a tweeter, woofer, and a crossover all as individual components. This is by far the better option because all the components can be optimally placed. The tweeter is responsible for all the high frequencies, the midrange is responsible for the mid-high to lower frequencies, and the midbass is responsible for the lower frequencies. The crossover's job is to direct what frequencies would go to which speakers.

  • How to pick door speakers?

    First you need to identify how many speakers are in the front. The tweeter is the small speaker generally located in the upper part of the door or the upper dash location. Component speakers are needed if tweeters are present and coaxial speakers are need otherwise. Most rear speakers are coaxial speakers but certain vehicles do have component speakers for rears.

  • What size of speakers do you need?

    There are many different sizes when it comes to vehicle speakers. Different vehicles come with a variety of speaker sizes. Generally a perfectly round speaker has a better sound than an oval shaped speaker. This is the reason why most high end companies do not make a high quality oval speakers. Oval speakers do have a more midbass than the small round speakers.

  • How much power do you need?

    When it comes to power handling, we need to look at the RMS power handling. Max power means what the speakers will handle for a couple of seconds; hence it being an irrelevant number. For factory replacement speakers you will not need a lot of power, but more importantly is having a higher sensitivity number. With systems that has amplifiers, you should pick speakers that will have similar power handling as your amplifiers but numbers do not need to be exact.

  • What destroys speakers?

    Number one contributing factor to damaging car speakers is Distortion. Distortion happens when the volume goes past what your source unit (the headunit) can handle (playing it too loud) to produce a clean music signal. It is extremely difficult for the human ears to detect distortion thus a lot of people damage their speakers. Another factor is the quality of music. Most downloaded MP3 music has low quality in which distortion comes faster than higher resolution music files.

  • Focal from France

    Focal is a world leader in the manufacture of high-fidelity speakers. With more than 40 years of experience, Focal is best known for its Utopia line of speakers which produces the highest quality sound without changing the original sound of the music recording.

  • Audison from Italy

    Audison introduced their Prima line of speakers are designed for music lovers looking for a discrete way to improve the sound in their vehicles. From coaxial and component speakers to specific vehicle fit speakers, Audison has set benchmarks for high-end car audio speakers.

  • Rockford Fosgate

    Rockford Fosgate is known for its Power. It's about creating human experiences in sound. If you want extreme loudness, Rockford Fosgate should be your go-to choice in car speakers. In the pursuit of impactful sound, it's where their mantra "Car Audio for Fanatics" are created.

  • Alpine

    Founded in 1978, Apline strives to answer the demands of consumers high quality and competetively-priced products. With the legacy of over 50 years delivering sound experience to the mobile electronics industry, Alpine continues to deliver products that meet and exceed the need of our customers.

  • MTX Audio

    MTX is a premium manufacturer of high performance car audio speakers for over 50 years. Although best known for their subwoofer line, MTX has every type, size, and price point available for all customers in the car audio market.

  • Kenwood

    Kenwood car speakers are designed to meet the critical listening demands of the North American music lover. The eXcelon series of speakers provides quality and durability with a year extra of warranty to prove it. Kenwood is renowned for its sound quality and technical expertise!

  • Powerbass

    Powerbassd was founded with one goal in mind; to bring audio products to the market offering sonic excellence, value and reliability. This is our most affordable line of speakers that has all types of sizes available, especially OEM fit speakers that no other brand could replicate at the price or quality.

  • DB Drive

    As car audio enthusiasts, DB Drive know the most meaningful products must fit perfectly into your lifestyle. That is why they stay away from conventional ideas. They are intensely determined to push the limits of traditional sound their Pro Audio line up of speakers with concert type Horn tweeters.