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The purpose of any vehicle audio installation is to provide a premium listening experience with clear, crisp, and emphasized sound.  The best way to achieve this is by including sound deadening as part of the installation process. That way you ensure the sound you want to hear in your vehicle stays within and the noise pollution of the road stays out.

  • Blackhole Tile


    A coated water resistant multi-layer high efficiency acoustical absorption pad with a pressure sensitive adhesive back.


    Ideal damping for enclosures exposed to the elements. Such as marine, car door, and other similar applications.


    1)  High efficiency acoustical absorption layer from high density polyurethane foam.

    2) “Floating Wall” sound barrier made of limp flexible vinyl copolymer loaded with non-lead inorganic fillers.

    3) Vibration isolation layer made with polyurethane flexible closed cell foam.

    4) Hi-loss flexible viscoelastic double thickness damping layer, backed with a super-strong pressure adhesive.

    5) Sealed to ensure water resistance.

  • Soundskin Ringkits


    SoundSkins Rings seal your speakers against the mouting plates and interior door panels. Directing the sound into the cabin and reducing sound lost in door cavities.

    Pre-cut speaker enhancers to suit applications from 6.5" down to 0.5" using waterproof closed cell memory foam with 3M double sided tape.

    Versatile Application
    SoundSkins are stackable to give you more depth and can be applied to the face of the speaker, around the speaker edge, behind mounting plates or even mounted to the interior panels themselves.

    Designed to Last..

    Our foam is made from a unique blend of butyl rubber making it waterproof. Using 3M high level advesive for fast, easy application that adheres to any surface even our SoundSkins Pro & Lite sound dampener.

  • Blackhole Stuff


    100%* cotton acoustic damping. Treated for mold, fungus, mildew, bacteria. Class A fire retardant.


    To provide better acoustic damping for speaker and subwoofer enclosures.


    Blackhole Stuff is a material designed to be used as a filler for enclosure applications. The goal in using Stuff is to provide a material with superior resonance control compared to foam, fiberglass, polyester or wool. Stuff sustains it’s shape, volume, and will not collapse; Retaining it’s full efficiency over time. *Over 85% recycled.


    24” x 24” x 5.5”