How important is the Subwoofer Enclosure?

A subwoofer enclosure can make or break your car stereo system. A properly built subwoofer enclosure means it is built with the correct air space and type for your specific subwoofer and the genre of music you listen to. Each subwoofer is designed with a specific size of enclosure in mind. A shallow subwoofer generally need less space than a regular size subwoofer and as the size of the subwoofer goes up so does the enclosure space.

  • Right type of enclosure

    It's important to have the correct type of enclosure. Some of the most important factors are subwoofer specs, music type, amplifier settings, and vehicle type. Each subwoofer is meant for a sealed or ported enclosure or suited for both. It is not feasible to put a subwoofer and an enclosure of any sizes and expecting it to sound good. A ported enclosure also needs to have a calculated port lenght and size for it to perform properly.

  • Correct air space

    Each subwoofer requires a specific amount of air space depending on the type of enclosure. We have enclosure design programs to simulate how a subwoofer will perform in different types and sizes of enclosures. Generally, a ported enclosure will require more air space than a sealed enclosure. Also, the displacement of the subwoofer needs to be taken into account.

  • Construction of the enclosure

    Once you figure out the type and the air space of the enclosure required, the construction of it is the next crucial step. The denser the material used, the better for low bass response. Also, bracing inside the enclosure is another contributing factor to a good enclosure. The less vibration (loss of energy) within the enclosure, the better the bass will be.

  • Prefabricated Enclosures

    These enclosures are generally inexpensive, but less quality oriented. Most of them are lightly glued and built with thinner wood. They are generally sized to fit any subwoofer. There are ones for 6.5", 8", 10", 12", 15" subwoofers.

  • Vehicle Specific Enclosures

    These enclosures are built to fit into specific vehicle generally for 8", 10", and 12". We carry regular carpeted ones as well as rock guarded ones. For enclosures such as these we would match the subwoofers to the specific enclosure.

  • All-in-one amplified enclosures

    All-in-one amplified subwoofer enclosures are getting more and more popular. The main benefits are the compact design and easy to install nature. There is no need to find an amplifier, subwoofer, and enclosure to compliment each other when it's already done for you.

  • Custom Designed Enclosures

    Custom enclosures are the best when they are designed and built properly by the fabricator. Custom finishes and lighting can be built into the enclosure for added uniqueness. They are usually one of a kind projects that are meant for the customer and the vehicle.