What is a DSP?

DSP stands for Digital Sound Processor. It is able to let us fine tune your stereo system to the smallest detail through the use of a computer program. It allows us to crossover, equalize, and time align each individual speaker in the system. With so many reflective surfaces in a vehicle, there are many dips and valleys across the frequencies and a DSP helps to rectify these issues.

  • Channel Mixing/Assignment

    A DSP gives us the ability to adjust the input signals coming in, making sure the full spectrum of signal is available to be assigned to specific speakers.

  • Crossover Points

    A DSP allows the adjustment of any crossover points be applied to any speakers connected. This allows the speakers to be ble to focus on their designed frequencies.

  • Time Alignment

    Perhaps the most important adjustment of all, Time alignment delays the sound of the speakers closest to the listener’s position and makes sure that the sound of each speaker arrives at the same place at the same time, centering the stereo image for that listener.

  • Equalization

    Music listening is very much a subjective observation, what one thinks sound great might not be the case for another. This is where having the ability to equalize each output channel comes in handy.

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